Thursday Check-In

Can We Restart This Week?

Oy. First week of 2018 aaaaaand go!

  1. My brain seems to have taken vacation. Not sure when it’s due back.
  2. All the things are converging on me at once: budget, registration, start of YL+E spring term, start of UNT spring semester, fellowship and writing workshop application deadlines, etc.
  3. I’m so tired.
  4. I did make one much-needed doctor appointment, so yay?
  5. I made a doctor appointment. Ugh.
  6. I managed to make it through the holidays mostly unscathed.

I’m currently readingĀ We Wear The Mask: 15 True Stories Of Passing In America and it is fascinating. One line really struck a chord with me:

Not talking about race isn’t an option any person of color has ever had, in particular if it’s not clear what race you are.

“College Application Essay #2”, Brando Skyhorse

And I’ll leave it at that for now.

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