2019 Day-By-Day

Grateful And A Little Overwhelmed

  1. Practiced my d’var Torah this morning in front of Rabbi Stern. I feel a little more confident about tomorrow night.
  2. Had lunch with a friend who is moving back to her home state this weekend.
  3. Was complimented in the staff meeting for the pop-up library spots I’ve been doing for recurring adult education classes.
  4. Lots of people love the RBG print I put up the library. A little girl came in and was super excited because she has a shirt with RBG.
  5. Received some very nice compliments about my writing, the work I’ve done to update the library and archives, and the times I’ve spoken.
  6. I feel better about my budgets, which are due tomorrow.
  7. The library is slowly coming together.
  8. Some exciting professional opportunities are on the horizon.
  9. Registered for the Association of Jewish Libraries conference.
  10. I’m exhausted but content.

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