Interrupted Programming

On Gratitude

I’m taking a class called “Mussar for Millenials.” Yes, I’m actually voluntarily interacting with young adults and it’s actually been really interesting so far.

Tonight we focused on gratitude. Someone asked how we showed gratitude to a person without actually saying it, which got me thinking about how I show my gratitude.

  • Sometimes I’ll make a donation in a person’s name to their favorite charity.
  • I’ve also sent gifts at random times.
  • I try to help them with tasks, whether they know it or not.
  • If I really know and am comfortable with the person, I’ll share something with them that I normally keep to myself, like a piece I’ve written about them.
  • I also give hugs, though that’s pretty rare.

I think, in general, I don’t expect to be thanked for anything I do. I try not to do nice things simply because I feel obligated or because I want to feel better or show off. I’ve had many people take chances on me or give me unexpected opportunities and I figure this is my way of paying it forward.

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