Night Seven

Because of my job, I know a lot of different families’ histories and involvement with Temple. I get to learn about their lifecycle events, how they were involved at Temple, who married into what family, and so much more. One of my favorite things to do is build out family trees, which always leaves me in awe, perhaps because my own family tree has so many unknown elements. I love seeing how much Temple and Dallas has changed through the perspectives of these families.

Tonight I helped staff the Wiener-Sandfield hanukiyah lighting. The hanukiyah was designed by Max Sandfield, one of the original architects of the current location. It’s beautiful and watching the family come together every year is lovely. It really wasn’t until I came to Temple that I understood that a family doesn’t always have to be made up of people who share DNA, it’s also the people you choose to be in your life who love you just as much.

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