Counting the Omer

Fifth Day of the Omer

I know several people who are either currently in rabbinical school or are about to start. I looked seriously into becoming a rabbi a few years ago, going as far as attending an open house, visiting the Jerusalem campus, and buying reading material. And then I just…stopped. Suddenly the idea didn’t seem as enthralling or maybe I was doubting my ability or maybe I just liked the idea of being a rabbi. I’m not sure, but the possibility has stayed in the back of my mind. Honestly, I probably saw rabbinical school as a way to be seen as “legitimate” in the Jewish community, which sounds dumb (and it is), but I have always felt that Jews of Color have to jump through extra hoops to gain respect. Certainly that is changing, but I still feel the need for a degree from a Jewish seminary (rabbinical, Jewish education, whatever).

Or maybe I just like school too much.

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