Day 75

Random things I remember about my mom

  • Her crooked middle finger on her right hand. She said it happened because of how she wrote.
  • How the “E” in her signature looked more like a “U.”
  • She once hid a black blouse that I loved wearing when I was in middle school. I found it in a closet and resumed wearing it, much to her dismay.
  • She loved strawberry ice cream, along with butter pecan.
  • I once brought her pecan pralines from Buc-ee’s and she happily ate them.
  • During my junior year of high school, she allowed me to go to my first concert with friends in Deep Ellum. She picked us up…with her bright pink hair rollers on. I had already warned my friends to expect that.
  • She loved the smell of gardenias. I found at least five candles with that scent when I was packing.
  • She would hide things around the house and then forget where she put them. When I was packing, I found so many piggy banks, bags of coins, jewelry, and other things hidden in the most unexpected places.

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