2017 Day-By-Day

Day 94

Faces of ___

Public Face

I do what I am asked

I am a responsible adult

I am trying to be

the hard worker

the caring daughter

the good citizen

Yet, there seems to be a void

I keep searching,

Pushing through the wilds of my mind,

But nothing seems to fit


Private Face

I resent the things I am asked to do

I am only imitating being an adult

I do not want to be

the worker who is burning out

the exhausted, worried daughter

the frightened and uncertain citizen

There is very much a void

But I don’t know where to look

Thoughts overlap, noises overwhelm

Maybe nothing will ever fit


Secret Face

I am doing things no one can see

I am close to discovering my adult self

I dream of being

the worker who has somewhere else to be

the daughter who can escape, if only for a night

the citizen who can forget reality for a moment

Maybe this will fill the void

I look into the darker side

It feels illicit, tinged with danger

But I think this may fit

And I am almost afraid of how much I want this

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