2017 Day-By-Day

Day 182

I’m working on my workshop contribution for next month’s class. It’s a little harder than I anticipated. The prompt is:

Imagine you are in a very faraway unreachable country. That means your family doesn’t have immediate access to you, nor are you sure you want to hear from them. Leave them and all your baggage behind. You are in a country you have always wanted to visit. You’ve maybe dreamt of that country, but you never imagined you would be there someday. Well, here you are now. In that country. Alone, but not.

You have met someone. You are attracted to that person. There is a connection that is very strong. It doesn’t matter that you have loves, kin, children, a home, a job, a mortgage, taxes. You are in the present moment. The person you are drawn to has asked you to tell him/her your life story. You do it because it was asked and because you want him/her to know the you you are. What to tell, what not to tell?

You decide to be the most honest you’ve ever been and so you write your life story for the person.

So, here is what I’ve written so far:


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