Thursday Check-In

Perils of Overthinking

There’s a lot going on right now. Today was pretty much a clusterfuck and my brain has decided that it’s time to re-analyze everything in my life.

  • I’m pretty much at my lowest point right now. There’s just too much going on and I feel like I’m working so hard for nothing in every aspect of my life. It’s been so long since I last cried so hard that I was literally wailing. Maybe I’ve just kept too much bottled up for too long and it just finally exploded.
  • Tomorrow the ECEC annual book fair begins and I plan to buy enough books to soothe my soul, which means I’ll be contributing heartily to the ECEC.
  • I’m also unhappy with the format that I chose for this year’s blogging. I don’t know what else I can do, but maybe a short hiatus to rethink this is in order.

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