Day 352

It’s been a pretty leisurely day, considering I’m getting married tomorrow. I’m currently at a hotel, relaxing and decompressing before the big event. I’ll be up bright and early and while I’m worrying about some things, I’m just trusting everything will work out the way it’s supposed to because I just refuse to stress out over every tiny thing. 

I went through my mom’s jewelry again. There was a particular pair of earrings I had given her as a gift when I worked at Neiman Marcus right after grad school. They’re John Hardy earrings and the only reason I could afford them was because they were at one of the outlets and with my employee discount at the time, the price was manageable. I instantly knew when I saw them that they would be perfect for Mom. She loved them and I always joked to her that I was going to wear them on my wedding day. I thought I had lost one of them when I moved back in August, but I found it, along with the matching pendant. I had initially planned on wearing all gold jewelry, since my engagement ring and wedding band are gold, along with my grandma’s ring that I’m also planning on wearing, but finding that earring feels like a sign and I’m going to wear them and the pendant. It sounds silly, I know, but a love of jewelry is something my mom and I had in common and bonded over. I guess I’m just trying to find little pieces of her to incude in the wedding since she can’t physically be here.  

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