Day 325

I’M HOME. After an 11 hour flight from Tel Aviv to Boston and a 3.5 hour flight from Boston to Dallas, I am finally home. I have never been so excited to land in Dallas and hearing my soon-to-be stepdaughter screaming my name and running to hug me while my fiancée followed with a huge smile on his face was absolutely wonderful. I am grateful for having the opportunity to travel and even more grateful to come back to such a warm welcome. My layover in Boston was less than two hours and I was really afraid I was going to miss my flight, but I didn’t, thank god. 

This trip to Israel was heavier than ones I’ve taken in the past. What I learned is that the situation has Israelis shaken, but stronger than ever. There is an undercurrent of sadness and trauma, which is to be expected, but there is also determination and hope. Things felt relatively normal, I didn’t hear any sirens while I was there, but the streets felt emptier and even going through the Old City on Shabbat to the Kotel felt less crowded than usual. I’m still processing this trip, which is a first. I came away with so much information and new things to consider, but also a renewed commitment to raise my daughter Jewish, no matter how scary that feels right now, and to continue to be as involved as possible in my community. 

I’ll keep reflecting in the coming days, but right now it’s time for me to enjoy being home and looking forward to what’s coming in the next few weeks. 

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