Day 59

Closing Day for religious school (and my birthday) is next week, but today was the last day for me. I’ll be traveling to Mexico City this Thursday for a closing retreat for a fellowship and I decided to stay a couple of days afterwards as a sort of birthday present to myself before going to D.C. for the CSA meeting and RAC’s Day of Action.

During t’filah, when we were singing the Shema, I suddenly wanted my mom and I nearly started crying. I managed to keep it together, but it surprised me. It’s usually Hashkiveinu or Mi Sheibeirach that makes me teary, not the Shema. But I guess it makes sense, given that the week I’ve been dreading is nearing. In the span of a week, beginning next Sunday, it will be my first birthday without Mom, what would have been Mom’s 76th birthday, the anniversary of when I adopted Roxy, and Mother’s Day.

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