Day 57

I got an unexpected visit in the archives this morning from a congregant. She wanted to take a “before” picture (the archives renovations begin next month) and she asked how I’ve been doing since Mom died. I told her the truth, that it’s been hard and I’m just trying to get through each day. I added that the community has been instrumental in holding me up, which I am so grateful for.

She caught me off guard at the end when she said that Temple was lucky to have me. I don’t particularly like things like that being said about me, it just feels weird and I feel unworthy. But she added that what I do in the archives, displaying history and “sharing the story that needs to be told,” was essential and she admired me for that. I nearly burst into tears. Since Mom died, I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been doing a good job at anything and to hear that from her soothed my heart in a way I didn’t know I needed.

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