Day 164

I let go of the first batch of donations today and it caused tears. I was sort of expecting them, but it was still surprising. Every little thing of Mom’s that I throw or give away feels like there’s a little less of her in the world and it hurts every damn time. It also reminds me of how much I had to let go of when I moved in December. Thankfully, I wasn’t alone for this latest breakdown and I shared these thoughts with my boyfriend who just listened and let me cry, which is evidently what I needed. There are more boxes that I need to donate and I’m sure that will also cause tears, but I’m okay right now. 

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  1. Besides them dying donating their things is next to the hardest. You are doing better than I did. I put most of my mom’s things in boxes and they are now in my shed or the big things like furniture and pictures are in my house.

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