Day 156

When I moved back in December, I didn’t have time to go through my mom’s papers, so they were just shoved into a box. Now that I’m moving again and I have a little more time, I’ve been able to sift through it. It’s mostly been old health insurance and bank statements, newspaper clippings, and random paperwork, but I came across this last night:

Requesting change of schedule on FMLA due to daughter’s asthma being most severe in the mornings. It’s necessary for me to be there & assist her if necessary & to keep her from becoming frighten[ed] (panic[k]ing). Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

When I got to the part about her wanting to keep me from being scared, I burst into tears. Her normal shift was from 5:30 am – 2 pm, so she was requesting to be moved to the afternoon shift, from 1:30 pm -10 pm. I don’t even remember this period of time when my asthma was so bad, but seeing how she reworked her life for me, as she so often did, just hit really hard. I can only hope that when/if I have my own children, I will be even a tiny bit of the mom she was to me.

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