Day 106

I’ve realized just how much emotional baggage/trauma/whatever I’ve been carrying from past relationships, whether they were romantic or platonic or work. I’ve also noticed that I’m more willing to push myself outside of my comfort zone and challenge any anxiety that comes up. Part of this comes from experience and a lot of it comes from a desire to live more fully, even when it’s unfamiliar or scary. 


  1. I could written this same thing!! I frequently have to remind myself to keep going, it’s not easy…. We’re human and life is hard, but I want to live it and truly live! We got this my friend! Shabbat Shalom?

  2. I understand anxiety. I have had it especially when I became depressed that I couldn’t work and every time the phone ring I would cry. I’m so glad thar you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. So happy that you are happy

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