2019 Day-By-Day

For Those Who Bark

A bit of a weirdish entry tonight. I stayed home today because I was sick and between naps, I somehow wrote this out in the notes app on my phone. Yeah, I’m weird.

There’s Bowser, the old man corgi. He’ll be 14 this year and he’s only getting grouchier with age. He dislikes it when I play “Lion King” with him. He and my mom are a perfect match.

Then there’s Roxy, aka Roxanna Mae aka Diva. She is a Basenji mix, which means instead of barking or yodeling, she shrieks. She’ll be 10 this year.

Next comes the cattle dog mix, Maxine. She will be nine this year. She’s a sneaky sweetheart.

Last comes the baby, Jack. Like Maxine, he is a cattle dog mix. He will be eight and he is pleasantly plump.

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