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Big Dreams

I really love teaching Judaica to fourth graders on Sundays. It’s been an interesting journey finding my footing, but this experience has unexpectedly given me a new outlet for creativity. Even when I want to pull my hair out, I know I’ll be back the next week.

I love mixing whatever Jewish concept/story/value I’m teaching with something unexpected. A couple of years ago, I was explaining the concept of tzedakah to the kids and used Albert Einstein as an example of a Jewish role model who embraced that concept. After the main lesson, we made slime and made a volcano erupt. It was really fun and the kids loved it.

Lately I’ve become interested in bringing virtual reality into the classroom. I’ve played around with Google Cardboard and one day I’d love to have the equipment to take advantage of Google Expeditions.

I have very big and expensive dreams, but wouldn’t that be so cool?

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