On Being Brave

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this past year, it’s that taking a huge risk and swallowing your fears can lead to good things. Taking risks is so not my thing, I’m very much a cautious person who clings pretty steadily to routine. However, given that my conversion was pretty much like leaping off a cliff blindfolded and everything since then has been one gigantic risk after another, it seems that this coming year will require a lot of courage.

The first test will be when I go to L.A. in early January for the opening retreat of Bend The Arc’s Selah Fellowship. I’d heard great things about the fellowship, but I was a bit hesitant to even apply for a number of reasons. Still, I am excited to see where this next step takes me.

The second test comes around mid-January. I’m less sure of how this particular meeting will go and I have to admit that I am terrified, but I need to do this. Sorry for the vagueness.

The third test comes at the end of January. The JOC working group is meeting with major stakeholders and I have all sorts of mixed emotions. I’m excited for sure, but nervous.

Given the backstory of Hanukkah, it seems pretty on point to talk about bravery tonight.

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