Counting the Omer

49 days of the Omer, which is seven weeks

I made it! Honestly, I thought I was not going to follow through on this project, especially with everything that has happened in these past seven weeks. There were times when I crawled into bed and suddenly remembered that I hadn’t painted. I would argue with myself about the merits of staying in bed, but I always got back up and dutifully fulfilled my creative promise to myself.

I am a person who thrives on routine, but can usually adapt as needed. The past 15 months tore those routines up and forced me to confront things I didn’t really want to acknowledge. The past seven weeks have been up and down and sideways, but painting everyday has been the one thing I could always count on. I don’t know if I’ll keep painting or posting here everyday, but I do know that this project has helped me in ways I did not expect and I’m grateful for that.

Chag Sameach!

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