Day 353

So…I’m a married woman now. I have a husband and am also officially a stepmom to two pretty amazing kids. Wow, that feels wonderful and weird to write down. 

The day was pretty magical, even if it started with me waking up at 4:30 am and not being able to get back to sleep. Again, my amazing friends stepped up when they didn’t have to and helped with setup and even ordered me to sit down and “be a bride.” For a huge milestone event, I was blissfully stress-free. Was everything perfect? Probably not, but it was perfect for us. The day was full of smiles and laughter and love and that’s all I could have asked for. 

I am totally exhausted, but still kvelling and marveling at how well everything came together and how absolutely beautiful it all was, the decor, the amazing officiants, our guests, just everything. 


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