Day 345

Things that have happened in the last 24 hours

  • Couldn’t sleep, alternated between writing vows, watching TikToks of other people’s wedding vows, and crying
  • Took the dog out multiple times during the night
  • Had a strong craving for frosted mini-wheats and besides eating a steak and rice that Stephen made for me, that’s all I’ve had all day
  • Took a three hour nap 
  • Realized there was a misspelling in our ketubah
  • Commenced freak out and emailed artist
  • Artist was an absolute gem and will express ship a corrected one in time for the wedding
  • Made some last minute beauty appointments for this coming week, including my first professional manicure
  • Wanted to crawl under a rock
  • Made plans for a movie date with Stephen tomorrow afternoon 

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