Day 284

Maxine has been sick the last couple of days with a hacking cough. It was pretty bad Saturday night so I put some honey on her food and ended up sleeping on the couch. The vet saw her today and prescribed some medicine. It’s kennel cough, which she’s had before, but now that it’s cold, it could turn into pneumonia if we’re not careful. So, I’m watching her like a hawk and making sure she’s comfortable. I got her to eat some wet dog food today and got a humidifier to help with the cough.

Mom loved all of our dogs, but she had a particular soft spot for Maxine. In a way, Maxine is like a living representation of Mom’s love and spirit, which is why I’m babying her so much. She’s been such a comfort this year, especially since Roxy died, and I just desperately want to see her meet our baby girl. She is so loved by me, my fiancée, his kids, and her amazing dog walker and I know baby girl will adore her just as much. 

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