Day 15

It’s been over three weeks since Mom died and two weeks since she was buried. It feels like it happened just yesterday, but also a lifetime ago.

A few days after my mom died and before the funeral, I went to the care home to get her things. I didn’t realize just how much clothing I had brought for her. It took two carry-on suitcases and three oversized bags to pack all of her things. The suitcases have sat in the living room since then and I’ve only emptied one of the bags. I’m hesitant to give any of the clothes away. I had to give away so many of her things when I was moving and I guess I’m just trying to hang on to whatever pieces of her I have left.

Back in January, I decided to make my own tallit for my conversion anniversary. I’ve been trying to work on it, but things kept coming up and then Mom died. I finally picked it back up last night and have decided to somehow incorporate pieces of her clothing into the design.

There is just so much circulating in my head, some things I want to talk about, some I want to keep close, and some that I never want to acknowledge. I really miss my mom.

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  1. Making a talit of her clothes is an awesome idea! Let me know when you’re ready and we can get 1 or2 master sewers to help.

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