Day 136

My mom loved jewelry. It was something that we shared, though our styles are different. Mom preferred more classic looks, while I tend towards more kitschy and unique. 

One of the things I kept finding when I was packing in December was little caches of jewelry Mom had hidden. There was even a small suitcase filled with jewelry. I pulled it out last night and went through it. I recognized a lot of the items, especially the earrings, but there were also several things that I had never seen and some of it even had the price tags still attached. I had gone through this suitcase about a month before Mom died and found a gold Star of David necklace that I think she intended on giving me as a gift and last night I discovered another one that she must have gotten at some point. It was bittersweet going through her jewelry and I pulled out pieces that I’d like to wear. 

There’s a lot going on right now and I really miss her. 

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