Day 125

In the last several weeks, I’ve noticed a change in how I deal with my anxiety. In the past, when the anxiety became too much, I would run right back into my comfort zone. But now I’ve been talking myself through any anxiety or fear I have. I think about the situation at hand and try to discern exactly what is making me anxious. From there, I decide whether my fear is legitimate, in which case I will retreat back to safety, so to speak, or if I’m just uncomfortable in a new situation/circumstances. If it’s the latter, I’ve mentally pushed myself to move forward, giving a sort of pep talk to myself in my head and reminding myself of the good things that have happened and will continue to happen. I’ve been through a lot and I know I’m stronger than what I give myself credit for. 

The past several days have been unusually tough for my anxiety. I can’t quite pinpoint the exact reasons why, though I have a couple of hunches. I probably just need to talk it out. 

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