2019 Day-By-Day

Things They Never Told Me

I went with my mom to her heart doctor today. During the appointment, I thought about when my mom had her pacemaker put in and how that was really the beginning of the great flipping-of-the-roles phase. My mom is still active and working, but she’s getting older and her health has begun to lag a little. You know how when you’re younger, your parent take care of all the doctor stuff, health insurance, medicine, etc? Yeah, I’m now overseeing stuff like that for my mom now. It’s really only compounded by the fact that I’m an only child and she’s a single mom, so it’s not like I have any sort of backup since my extended family are mostly out of the picture.

But, I love my mom and would never forgive myself if something happened and so I’ll soldier through. It’s the least I can do for the woman who sacrificed a lot for me.

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