2019 Day-By-Day

These Are Troubled Times

I had an entry planned out for tonight, one that would talk about the tensions between my Hispanic and Jewish identities. And then Facebook happened.

I shared this article on Monday. A former coworker made a comment this afternoon.

I replied calmly and civilly, though I was feeling anything but. I won’t rehash the whole thing, which totals 17 comments between me, this former coworker, and a friend who supported me. The former coworker accused me of playing the “Mexican/Jewish” card and said they were anything but racist and anti-Semitic because they were at my conversion ceremony.

I ended the conversation with the comment above and quickly unfriended the former coworker before dissolving into tears. I’m still upset, but mostly I can’t believe that I allowed this person to be at one of the most important moments in my life. I can’t believe my country is so divided or that racist, anti-Semitic discriminatory people feel emboldened by this disgrace of a president. Still, I’m not giving up hope and I am deeply grateful for my real friends and allies.

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