2019 Day-By-Day

The Latest In Archival News

  • The new archives exhibit goes live in nine days and I’m already stressed.
  • I’m pretty sure I found the vintage version of a bralette with stains that look suspiciously like blood drops in the archives today.
  • Donate lots of money to your local archives, because it is suuuuuper expensive trying to preserve stuff.
  • I was browsing through a box and came across a certificate. When I saw the date, I immediately knew who the senior rabbi was at that time. That was a little startling.
  • I’ve also been sifting through letters written to Rabbi Gerald Klein and even though I never got a chance to meet him, I just know that he was an amazing person who cared deeply for this community.
  • I found a bunch of marriage and engagement newspaper announcements from the 1920s. That was pretty cool.
  • Holy cow, some of Temple’s families have been members for several generations, which is absolutely awesome.
  • I have the best job.

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