2017 Day-By-Day

Day 89

The piece I’m sharing today is from a longer piece that I’m still working on.

I was in a zoo filled with damaged adolescents trying to find their way. Some of the girls were loud and dominating, demanding attention and proudly bragging about their suicide attempts. Some girls were quiet like me, perhaps scared of the unfamiliar environment. Most seemed resigned to their fates. All of these girls fascinated me. Ever the writer, I made sure to take notes on the girls, noting their appearance and diagnosis. It seems so twisted, but I wanted to remember everything about the ward. It was as if I anticipated writing this.

4:33 pm


                  Rachel – 13, quiet, skinny, reddish brown-blond hair, depression

                  Miriam – 15,  red hair, outspoken, boxer, Mexican, depression and schizo

                  Gennifer – 15, white, blond curly hair, bipolar

                  Stormi – 13, white, blondish brown hair, foster kid, homicidal, suicidal

                  Elizabeth T. – 16, white, feisty, goth, black hair, big black eyes, suicidal

                  Denise – 15, white, blonde, suicidal

                  Emily – 14, white, blonde, pretty, cynica, suicidal, overdosed

                  Shaina – 15, white, skinny, girly, cuts on arms and legs, depression, suicidal

                  Ursalla – 15, black, bossy, depression

                  Bethany – 14, white, short blond hair, “punk”, likes Eminem, cuts on wrist, suicidal, depression

                  Elizabeth H. – 15, tall, white, blonde, might be going to Terrell, depression

                  Elizabeth C. – 13, short red-brown hair, Mexican, smart ass, depression, overdosed

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