2017 Day-By-Day

Day 86

An poem I wrote a few years ago, but it still pretty applicable on some days.

So, How’s Your Depression?

It’s just a blast, thanks for asking.

It’s just those sharp edged words that get to me.

Oh, and don’t forget the visits to the psychiatrist,

where I walk in hoping everything is fine,

but come out with yet another medication.

And then there’s the occasional meltdown,

when I don’t know who to call

and then cry harder when I realize I have no one to call.

Plus, let’s not forget the fleeting thoughts of self-harm,

the twisted logic telling me to open up my scarred wrist

because the crimson tide of blood cells will solve everything.

Oh and I almost forgot the restless nights,

the recurring fear of unknown monsters that invade my dreams,

taunting me with memories I’d rather repress.

But other than that, my depression’s just fine, thanks.

Written by Anjelica N. Ruiz

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