2017 Day-By-Day

Day 70

It’s been a long while since I’ve had a date, so long that I’m too embarrassed to put in writing just how very long it’s been. Over the years, I’ve tried different things: speed dating, summoning the courage to ask someone out, online dating, etc. Nothing has really worked.

One of my favorite/most disconcerting story about online dating is about the time I tried Match.com. I don’t know if you’re still required to do this before registering, but when I tried it, you had to go through this really long questionnaire that took me at least an hour to finish. Then, right after I hit the submit button, I was informed that there were absolutely no matches for me and was wished luck on my dating journey. Yeah, that was a little humiliating.

At one point, I basically gave up trying to date and concentrated on my goals. Secretly I was hoping that someone would surprise me, but, alas, that didn’t happen. So last week, I downloaded Bumble (again) and, let me tell you, it’s been interesting.

Judge for yourself by reading my text message commentary from last night.


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