2017 Day-By-Day

Day 232

Today reminded me that the new YL+E year is around the corner and my Sundays will soon be devoted to teaching fourth graders, which I’m looking forward to. I really do love teaching them and at least it will be another distraction from the grim news cycle.

Distractions. That’s what I’ve found myself thinking more and more about lately. I’m a person that tends to dwell on things, which can be a good trait but can also lead to sleepless nights. Current events practically demand that I have other things to focus on, hence my enrollment in classes and my pending enrollment in an online creative nonfiction class. I’m trying to create pockets of time where I’m doing something I love, things I can find comfort in. I went to services on Friday night and I’m thinking that it may not be a bad idea for me to try going more regularly.

It’s just hard to keep my mind focused right now but I’m really trying. I just need everyone to know that.

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