2017 Day-By-Day

Day 227

Random fact about me: I grew up in a pretty diverse community and floated along in my bubble until I joined the Jewish community. I just became much more aware of the color of my skin and what that meant to some people and I felt incredibly naive and stupid for not recognizing the significance of this sooner. Don’t get me wrong, most of the community has been lovely to me and I don’t regret a thing. It’s just been a very eye-opening experience that unfortunately is now magnified by the racial tensions in the country right now. I’ve never felt like I was unwanted in this country until the current administration came into power and that makes me incredibly sad, somewhat more afraid and very, very angry.

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  1. Anjelica,
    It’s odd how we wake to the prejudices in our lives, clearly there from birth for most of us. I, with small lapses of awareness, didn’t really get a direct and unyielding hit of bigotry until my sophomore year in high school. I transferred to a new school and one of my new “friends” looked at the pictures in my wallet (yeah, not phone) and asked me why all my friends were zipperheads?
    I ask you to try not feel na├»ve and stupid; four days in a room with you, I’ll vouch for your insight and intelligence. Those years, you weren’t in a bubble, you just weren’t pummeled by the maelstrom outside. Your compass was being set. You’re not alone in your anger, fear and sadness, but keep going. Many are finding their compasses.

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