2017 Day-By-Day

Day 220

In honor of the last day of the Las Dos Brujas writing workshop, please enjoy some of the sentences I wrote without any context.

  • My aunts’ and uncles’ behavior slowly undid my Baptist upbringing and made me more cynical than an 11-year-old should ever be.
  • My grandfather is captured on film as he was in life: on the sidelines, quiet, deferential to my grandma’s overpowering personality.
  • It feels weird to say, but I find public transportation comforting despite the potential for inconvenience, lateness, grossness, etc.
  • She is the unmovable mountain made of hardy stone, while I’m the soft chalky rock that crumbles easily.
  • Whenever I ask my mom about that Thursday, she likes to remind me of the C-section scar I gave her as an early birthday present and I like to point out that it was either cutting me out alive or giving birth to a stillborn.
  • Picking a casket is an odd task.
  • I always feel like I’m running out of time like Hamilton, minus the catchy lyrics and profoundness.

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