2017 Day-By-Day

Day 152

When I converted, I chose a Hebrew name, Miriam Ora Tikvah. The piece below outlines the origin of the name.

I chose my Hebrew name, Miriam Ora Tikvah, to reflect who I am and where I come from. Miriam is in honor of my grandma, Maria. It means “strong-willed” and perfectly describes the people who have had the most influence on my life, my mom and grandma. Miriam is also the name of Moses’ sister in the Bible and she was not afraid to say what she thought and knew that you have to celebrate the little victories in life.

Ora means “light” and Tikvah means “hope,” two things I associate with this process and the community I am now a part of. I often refer to the toughest times in my life as “going down the rabbit hole,” but becoming a part of this community has brought so much light into my life that at times I am overwhelmed with how nice everyone is and how comfortable I feel now. I can never express just how important that is to me or how grateful I am to have met so many wonderful people.

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