2017 Day-By-Day

Day 148

Bellis Perennis

Daisies remind me of Grandma

Her casket was draped in white daisies,

engulfing her eternal resting place as she was lowered into the ground

I couldn’t bear to part with those daisies

I gathered as many as I could and took them home

I remember they lasted well past their wilting point

I remember crying into them,

fervently wishing for their healing properties to mend my heart

For a long time, I couldn’t bear to look at daisies

I couldn’t visit her grave without crying

But now they bring sweet memories,

a time where my childish innocence was still intact,

where Grandma would pour Big Red for me,

when we would sit on the porch swing,

wanting for nothing more

After all these years, I still miss you so much

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