2017 Day-By-Day

Day 127

Dear Ultimate Party Planner,

Today is my birthday. I’m officially a thirty-something. I’m 30.

I started my day by waking up at 3 am and not being able to go back to sleep. Cool.

The rest of the morning was spent getting ready for the last day of YL+E. I wish I could say everything went awesomely but there were quite a few kinks. Still, it was a good day. As I predicted, I shed some tears during the closing siyum, especially when some of the kids from my first class (2014-2015)  and are now in 6th grade actually talked to me. Then my current class had to get all cute and sing “Happy Birthday” to me, plus all of them hugged me before they left and one even asked if they could come see me next year. I’m getting soft in my old age.

The last year of my twenties was filled with wonderful things, among them three trips overseas, leadership opportunities, and countless good moments. It was also filled with some not so good events and really don’t need to be recounted. On the whole, this last year was pretty awesome and I’m proud of how far I’ve come in the last ten years.

I’m excited to see what this year brings. Even when I’m struggling, which seems to be more often lately, I know that those feelings won’t last. That doesn’t make it any easier but it does show how far I’ve come since those dark high school days.

Here’s to a new decade of adventures and excitement!

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