2017 Day-By-Day

Day 126

Dear Master Scheduler,

I’ve been using most of the afternoon planning for tomorrow’s final YL+E class. Part of me is glad to see the year end and I am more than ready to reclaim my Sundays, but mostly I feel a little sad. This year hasn’t exactly been the greatest but somehow I know I’ll be a little teary-eyed tomorrow.

I envy these kids, which is weird but let me explain. These kids are growing up Jewish and getting to go to camp and make lifelong friendships. They don’t know just how lucky they are because it’s been harder for me to come into the community as an adult. There are some Jewish things that I will never be able to experience firsthand which is probably part of the reason I try to fill my time with as many Jewish-related activities as I can. Sometimes I don’t think I’ll ever catch up.

In my final email to the parents, I emphasized that my goal in teaching is to instill a love of Judaism into their children. I really and sincerely hope I’ve been able to do that.

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